One size does not fit all.

Though HR industry best practices can provide guiding principles, what works for most companies does not work for all.  What does your company culture suggest?  What will take you to the next level? -- it all points back to your employees!  I can customize HR solutions to best fit your company's values, culture and business strategy.

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You don't know what you don't know.

HR can be a complicated and strictly-regulated industry.  Unless you are experienced and keep up with the latest regulatory employment law changes, your company could be out of compliance.  Let's do an HR assessment of your company's people practices and develop attainable solutions to some of your biggest challenges.

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Outsourcing HR

Professional Employer Organizations, also known as PEOs are becoming the service model of choice for small to medium sized companies who want to improve efficiency and minimize the overhead costs of fully-staffed HR teams, which allows you to focus on building your business.

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Since 1993

HR Solutions

With over 25 years of HR experience, I provide a wide range of HR services to small to medium sized businesses - taking a sensible, yet professional approach to people issues, as I partner with you.

My approach is simple - understand your business, help prioritize your HR and business needs, and develop a practical, no-nonsense solution, tailored to your company’s requirements.

I am the sole practitioner of my firm - if you use me, it's me providing the service, and only me.  Clients use my services on a per hour, project or retained basis.  From a single contract assignment to a customized, fully outsourced HR service - you only pay for what you need.

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